LSU EMDM - Lousiana State University Experimental Music and Digital Media

About Me

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Experimental Music and Digital Media at Louisiana State University.

I am also an Adjunct in Music Technology and Theory at Southern University, and I own an independent web and mobile development company, notnatural, LLC.

Much of my current work addresses problems concerning technology in music education. I have a special interest in mobile development due to its accessibility and rapid assimilation into our everyday lives.

I compose and perform music, develop technology, and do my best to reach out and expose young people and adults alike to the use of technology in art, especially music.

I believe education should be meaningful but still accessible, and I do all I can to emulate that in both my teaching and development.

Even though my work generally revolves around art and music, I am interested in how modern technology generally affects our lives.

Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana at Shaver Theater

Design and Development

I develop digital musical instruments, especially as mobile apps.

My development experience is with Objective-C, Javascript/HTML5/CSS3, MaxMSP, and Pure Data. I am greatly interested in the relationship between interactivity and accessibility, which leads my work to emphasize UX design.

I also develop interactive sound art and compose electronic music for live performance.

EMDM Academy Girls Rock STEM to STEAM Summer Camp


I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Southern University, but my teaching experience includes K-12 as well as university students.

I have taught workshops, summer camps, private lessons, and year-long courses in both guitar and electronic music.

I am also a co-founder of EMDM Academy, a STEM to STEAM outreach in the greater Baton Rouge area. EMDM Academy offers audio/music oriented STEM to STEAM summer camps, including a summer camp targeted at junior high age girls, Girls Rock!. We have also taught high school and junior high courses on web-audio development and audio engineering at various schools.


Recent Work

My work is varied: it includes teaching/outreach, music composition, research development, and commercial development.

Lead Developer/Designer

I am develop mobile apps for the LSU Sea Grant College. Our apps aim to provide modern, mobile services for commercial fishermen and emergency disaster managers. We are incorporating GIS datasets srom NOAA, LWDF, and LSU.

Conferences and Publications

I have presented work at various conferences, including ICMC, SEAMUS, and NIME. My composition "Prelude and Nightingales" was performed at the 2016 New York City Electronic Music Festival, and I recently published a paper in the Journal of Music Technology in Education.

Sonic Art Installations

I have recently presented installations at art venues in Baton Rouge. 'Dots' and 'The Ritual' feature interactive video tracking. They were developed to be as accessible as possible: no special sensors other than a typical webcam is required.

Music Technology at SUBR

As part of my job at Southern University, I am working on creating a concentration for music majors in music technology. We intend to emphasize design and development skills from a musician's perspective rather than only business and recording production.

Lights, Grain, and In Sen

These are iOS apps I've been independently developing for a couple years now. They are digital musical instruments that challenge typical ideas about music making. I am planning on public releases later this year. Some of my other apps are available on the iOS Appstore now.


This is my open source toolkit for iOS. It is currently in the early stages of development, but several individual components are on my Github. The toolkit is for streamlining mobile DMI prototyping and active development for iOS. It takes some inspiration from NexusUI (web API currently in development at LSU), but aims to provide higher-level, more specific abstractions ubiquitous to iOS.

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